Jerry Palazolo

Research Volunteer

Jerry S. Palazolo collects postal history of the southern states—especially Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas—from earliest settlement through 1869. Confederate postal history of all areas holds a special fascination for him. He owns an extensive library of philatelic and southern history.

Mr. Palazolo holds memberships in many philatelic societies, including the American Philatelic Society, Confederate Stamp Alliance, Collectors Club of New York, U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, Carriers and Locals Society, Tennessee Postal History Society, Georgia Postal History Society, and the Memphis Stamp Club. He has served as president of Confederate Stamp Alliance, general vice president, and secretary. He currently serves as chairman of Confederate Stamp Alliance Authentication Service. His awards include Honorary General of the Confederate Stamp Alliance, Haydn Myer Service Award, and Confederate Philatelist Writers Award.

Mr. Palazolo has published numerous articles relating to postal history and has served as editor and co-editor of various catalogues and handbooks relating to postal history.

Published circa 2009.