Just For Kids!

Stamp Stories: Trains

Take a ride through rail history with the National Postal Museum and the National Museum of American History. Educators share museum objects and a children’s book that offer a look at some fascinating facts about trains, railroads, and postal history.

Stamp Stories: Celia Cruz

Just for Kids!
Learn about the inspirational life of Celia Cruz, an Afro-Cuban singer whose talent and charisma helped to popularize salsa music in the United States.

Stamp Stories: Ruth Asawa

Just for Kids!
Learn about the fascinating life of Ruth Asawa, a Japanese American artist whose sculptures are featured on a set of postage stamps issued by the USPS in August 2020.

Story Time: Cameron Goes to School

Join Sheletta Brundidge as she reads her book, “Cameron Goes to School,” which is the true story of her daughter, Cameron, starting school as a child with autism. The book, told from Cameron’s point of view, depicts her quiet determination as she prepares over the months, weeks, and days leading up to her first day of school.

Make Your Own Mailbox

Just for Kids!
Common supplies found at home can easily be used to build your own paper mailbox!

Story Time: The Solar System with/El Sistema Solar con Ellen

Just for Kids!
This video offers a brief history of astronaut Ellen Ochoa, who was the first woman of Hispanic descent to travel to space.  Museum educators share a bilingual astronomy book inspired by Ochoa with some fun facts about the planets, and lead viewers on an exploration of some of the space-related stamps that have been issued in the United States over the past seven decades.

Story Time: The Rabbit Listened

The National Postal Museum is pleased to present an online Story Time with special guest author Cori Doerrfeld. Cori’s book “The Rabbit Listened,” which she both wrote and illustrated, delivers a simple but powerful message about how we can help others experiencing grief and loss. As Cori relates in her story, we can all be someone’s “rabbit,” and one way of being a “rabbit” and showing that you care is by sending someone a picture or note through the mail.

Thank Your Mail Carrier Coloring Pages

Show your gratitude for the mail and package carriers working hard to keep us connected with these downloadable coloring pages. Display your finished sign on your window, mailbox or door as a message of support and thanks.

How to Mail a Letter

Just for Kids!
It’s easy to send a letter through the mail! Everyone likes receiving a thoughtful card or letter from friends and family. If you have a piece of paper, envelope, and stamp, you can send your own letter by making sure to put the right information in the correct spots.

Make Your Own Mailbag

Just for Kids!
Use these easy to follow instructions to make a paper mailbag to deliver mail to loved ones at home.

"Stamps Take Flight" Kids Page

Just For Kids!
This kids page features stamps and artwork from the Postmaster General’s Collection.

"The Queen's Own" Kids Page

Just for Kids!
Learn more about the British royal family and about the hobby of stamp collecting by checking out the following list of selected books, websites and fun activities.

"Out of the Mails" Kids Page

Just for Kids!
Learn about how to create and send a letter just like the colonists used to.