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My Fellow Soldiers

Letters from World War I

Audrey Jane Radcliffe (stenographer with the US Army) to her father

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Courtesy Audrey Jane Radcliffe Collection, Gift of Cres Van Keulen, Women's Memorial Foundation Collection, Arlington, VA
With so many men in the armed services, an increasing number of women entered the work force. Audrey Jane Radcliffe worked as a government stenographer for only two months before being called upon by the Army’s Ordnance Department in Washington, DC. The administrative duty of taking notes on a shorthand machine was essential to coordinating the Army’s weapons and field supplies. Radcliffe and other members of the Women’s Ordnance Corps were sent to Tours, France, in the fall of 1918.


October 27, 1918

Dearest Dad, Your dear little girl is at least in France & you bet I am glad to be here. Of course I miss you all so much and long to see the family, but in time I suppose I will get accustomed to being so far away, yet I can’t realize I am several thousand miles away. I hope you are still having good luck with your contracts & I trust you are getting along nicely. Be good dear dad & write your little girl. Lovingly, Audrey

[Reverse side of postcard, printed caption] TOURS (I. et –L.) – La Loire, le Pont Bonaparte et la Vue gènèrale, Nord-Ouest – A. P. Bonaparte Bridge and the Loire, general view north Westè