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The exhibit team for Out of the Mails is:

Linda Edquist
Dan Falk
Kari Fantasia
Allison Gallaway
Cheryl Ganz
Jennifer Goldman
Carla Hashley
Manda Kowalczyk
Allison Marsh
Patricia Raynor
Robert Rose
Sarah Stella
Alyson Turley
Allison Wickens

The Smithsonian Institution National Postal Museum and the exhibit team gratefully acknowledges those institutions who have contributed to this exhibition:

Valley Forge National Historical Park
National Archives and Records Administration
National Portrait Gallery

Thumbnail images not credited on individual pages are as follows:

Main page: Finlay map detail courtesy of the Library of Congress; Benjamin Franklin bust courtesy of the Library of Congress; revolutionary soldier courtesy of the Library of Congress, Continental Currency courtesy of the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution

The Mails during War: loyalist cartoon courtesy of the Library of Congress; Boston Tea Party print courtesy of the National Archives

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