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Free B. Franklin Frank
Thomas Pownall to John Hancock, 1765

New-Norfolk Street
Grosvenor Square
London __
April 13. 1765 --

Dear Sir.

                                     Upon the melancholly occasion of
my late good friend yr uncles^ Death I wrote to you –
& took t[he] Liberty to trouble you with my wish
that you would be so good to acquaint me of
the state of my Treasurers notes & interest
which you r Uncle s was so good to manage for for
me __ By my never having been favored with
a Line from you , I & fear that either my Letters
to you or your Letters to me or both have
been miscarried__ For I am sure that it is not
possible that would not answer me; I am
sure I have no right to ask any favor of
you or to give you any trouble in my affaires
but even if you thought so__ the favor of a
Line to tell me so would enable me to
know where my affairs that were in your
Uncles hands were lodged & to whom I
must apply for them_

        By a Letter from your Uncle of Sepr 10
1763. He. acquaints by a Schedule as follows.
“Province Treasurers notes in Mr Hancocks hands
“belonging to His Excellency Tho’ Pownall Esq. vizt.
“One note Dated Novr 3. 1761. payable June 20. 1764. ^£ 2853.11 .8
“Four † Do– March 1. 1762 payble. June 20. 1766             } 1220
             1 for £400. 1 for £417. 1 for 403 __                                 }
“One note dated Novr 3. 1762. payble. June 20. 1764 __         171
“One Do__ 1 March 1762. payble 20 June 1766.                    73.
                                                                                 £ 4317 11:8
“ If it be possible to gett notes for the Rising Interest I
“shall__ Third of Novr next t[he] Iinterest will be due
“on t[he] £2853:11:8 one year for 1763. & on 171£.

On Novr 21. 1763 I had also another Letter
from your Uncle. wherein he mentions his
Doubt of getting notes for t[he] rising Interest –
as well for this which was become due, with
an offerr to remitt to my Order all or any part
of my Money which & as I pleased__.
          Since that time, I have been so unhap
py as not to receive one a single Line about my
matters__ & I dare say you will not wonder
if I appear a little uneasy. __ Permitt to ask
this one favor added to t[he] many which I have
received & shall ever gratefully acknowledge
from your good Uncle__ to give me a State of
my present affaires with t[he] addition of the several

† This is I Suppose a mistake in t[he] Schedule & should be Three.

Interests either received or Due___ that I
may know what Directions to he give__ &
Lett me that not only on this account but
for t[he] sake of my Regard & Love to your
Late Uncle you may ever command the best
of my Services in any case wherein I could serve
you__ I beg my respects to your Good Aunt
& to all friends whom I used to meet at your
Uncles— & beg you will believe me to be
                              Yr friend & Serv t T Pownall

                To John Hancock Esqr.
                                     Boston _____

             I have written four or five
             Letters to You__ besides
that by Capt Hollowell.

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