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Henry Lloyd to Messrs. Delancey and Watts, 1775

Boston May 3d 1775

                    Your fav.r of 24th Ult.o came safe to hand
Yesterday. Per Post & the Seal not broke, tho’ most of the Letters both
publick & private were open’d before they got here
& some of them
stop’d, this Letter goes by a private Conveyance to Providence to
be put into the Post Office there & hope it will reach you safe.
            The Countess of Darlington arriv’d here last Monday, by
her I recd. Copy of yr. above Letter with another of 26th & am
sorry to find I am not to expect any Supplys at present from
you, I have been very lucky in the purchase of flour here, having
procur’d near 2,000 barrells at 14/.15/. & 16/. & expect a Vessell
with about 9800 Bushells of Wheat & 850 barrls. flour, that
was bound from Maryland to Europe & has put into the Vineyard
having sprung a Leak, will fall into my hands, the Admiral
having dispatch’d a Cutter to bring her in here, but it is probable
the Navy Contractor may expect his Moiety of her Cargo.
            Fresh provisions of all kinds are stop’d coming in here, & I
don’t know how I shall be able to procure the Pork & Rice, Flour,
& Pease I suppose may be had from Canada, some Butter I have
procur’d here. I am      Yr mo humb Serv

                                                                  Henry Lloyd

Messrs. DeLancey & Watts.
P.S. I intend writing the Contractors for the Pork & Butter.

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