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Ebenezer Perkins to his sister, 1778

Camp Valley Forge May 15th 1778 –

Dear Sister

           I have an Opportunity to write to you [by]
Mr Jonathan Burnam who I Imploy as a post to []
from Camp to Norwich you will please to send you[r]
Letters by him
           I think there is the greatest prospect
of peace in america very soon France ha[]
is Independent and Spain and Prusia abo[ut]
same if not all ready done and by the best a
we Can get war is absolutely declard between us
and England and the enemy in Philadelphia are In
the greatest Consternation It is hopefull that the Eng[lish]
will be obliged to Leave the Continent before the —
Expiration of this year and that the Campaign will
Close in peace and I wish there might Never be a []
In america
           I have no News in particular to acqua[int]
you with for I suppose you have heard of all the
good News before So must leave writing – After
telling you I am as well and hearty as usul
and Desiring you to remember me to all frien[ds]
in particular to our Honoured Mother
from your Very Affectionate Brother

                                                Ebene Perkins

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