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Ebenezer Hazard to Dudley Woodbridge, 1781

Plymouth April 6th. 1781

              Yours of 7th ulto. is come to hand, with
the Bond and Oath of office.—
              I will endeavor to procure you some
Post Masters Bills upon my Return to Boston; and am very
sorry you have not yet received the Book; please to direct
Torrey to enquire of the Riders who go from Hartford to
Fishkill whether they remember seeing any Thing of it;
it is as long and broad as a Comptrollers Bill; and Mr.
Bryson wrote me he had sent it on directed to you at
Litchfield; perhaps it may have been left there. —
              Mr. Hallam is mistaken about the
late Resolution of Congress; it is no more than “That the
postage of letters, in future, be double the Sums paid be =
fore the Commencement of the present war.” Those Sums
were as in the Table of Rates; - they are now to be doubled;
your best way will be to charge the same in Dwts & Grs.
as formerly, † but instead of taking 3d .Sterling [] Dwt. as
the Tables direct, take 6d Sterl.g or 8.d lawfull. _This you
are to observe will be so much in Specie, but you may
receive other Money equivalent; —only remember to keep
your accounts in Specie. _ I wish you would be kind
enough to send Mr. Hallam a Copy of this Paragraph
and desire him to attend to it.—
              With Respects to Mrs. Woodbridge and all
                                                                      I am
                                                                      Sir your huml Serv.t
                                                                                    Eben Hazard
† by this I mean as in the
Table of Rates

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