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  • Philately
    The collection and study of postage stamps and mail.
  • Philatelist
    A person who collects and studies stamps and covers.
  • Essay
    A trial design, or model, of a proposed postage stamp created for review by postal authorities.
  • Proof
    A trial printing of a stamp used to inspect for defects, see which ink color looks best for that particular stamp, or present to dignitaries and government officials.
  • Stamp
    Official evidence of payment for postal services, designed to be fixed to a piece of mail.
  • Pane
    A unit of stamps cut from a larger press sheet to sell to the public or assemble into a booklet.
  • Cover
    An envelope, card, or wrapper that has been sent through the mail.
  • Postmark
    A mark placed on or near a stamp to show the place and date of mailing.
  • Cancellation
    A mark that obliterates a stamp so that it can’t be used again.