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Domestic Mail (4): “Fernandina de Jagua”

While difficult to read, this Fernandina de Jagua postmark is rather interesting. It is listed as struck in black during the period 1829 to 1838. The ink was so oily and spread into the paper so thickly, that it renders the postmark almost illegible.

Founded in 1819 by colonists from Louisiana, the citizens of Fernandina de Jagua changed the name of the town to Cienfuegos about 1837, or earlier. This letter is datelined “Cienfuegos, October 1837.” It was docketed as received in Havana on November 5.

Fernandina de Jagua postmark
Tome I, number 7: Fernandina de Jagua to Havana, October 1837.
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