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Domestic Mail (9): “Villa Clara, 7 May ’62”

This cover enclosed official mail, from the municipal office of the town of Villa Clara (known as Santa Clara today), posted May 7, 1862, to the Mayor of the city of Trinidad. Beginning in 1858, certain government offices were authorized to use special adhesive postage stamps with values expressed in weight, not money. In Villa Clara, which did not use these special stamps, a “parrilla” (the fancy oval grid) was applied by the post office to the face of the letter to indicate prepayment, together with its normal datestamp. Trinidad applied its receiving town datestamp on the reverse on May 9, 1862, and also noted what the contents were. In manuscript, across the back flap is written, “Causa criminal contra José Domingo Ramos,” (criminal case against José Domingo Ramos) with the signature of the official who mailed this letter.  

A cover of official mail
Tome I, number 30: Villa Clara to Trinidad, 7 May 1862. Front cover.

Back cover

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