Playing to Win

American Sports and Athletes on Stamps
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29-cent Skiing stamp

Virtual Exhibit
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The 3-cent 1932 Summer Olympic Games stamp was issued June 15, 1932.
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The 2-cent 1932 Winter Olympic Games stamp was issued January 25, 1932.

The opening of the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, Greece on August 6, 1896, marked the beginning of a new era in international sports. Even though these first Olympic Games took place thousands of miles from the shores of the United States, competitive sports and athletic activities have dominated American life ever since. The continuing importance of athletic activities in American culture and daily life makes numerous facets of professional and amateur sports perfect subjects for U.S. postage stamps.

This virtual exhibition, Playing To Win: American Sports and Athletes on Stamps, highlights dozens of different sports, professional and amateur athletes, and monumental moments in American athletics as depicted on U.S. postage stamps.

Created by Alexander T. Haimann, National Postal Museum