Post-Haste Home!


By Tabitha Jacques, Special Project Coordinator

Rather than reading exhibit labels and looking at transportation objects in postal history in the Binding the Nation exhibit, experience a part of the Gold Rush era by playing a game and making choices that seal a letter’s fate.

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Playing Post-Haste on the Surface Table

After a year of planning and with the help of visitors, the National Postal Museum launches the Microsoft Surface Table exhibit today, which draws visitors of all ages to touch and play. Working like an oversized iPad, the Surface Table allows you to play the newly developed game, Post-Haste.

Traveling back to 1859, you can follow a family who is sending mail across the country. The objective of the game is to choose a route and vehicle to carry the mail across the nation as quickly, safely, and cheaply as possible. With five stops along the way, visitors choose from three options at each stage with multiple outcomes possible.

Would you want a mediocre stagecoach that costs less per mile or an expensive, but new stagecoach or a rickety stagecoach with a rookie crew? As prepared as you are, disaster could always strike! You can compete to see how well you play against previous players and against the ideal score by comparing your saved score with others.

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The Post-Haste exhibit in the Binding the Nation gallery.