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Letter Carriers leaving the Farley Post Office Building, New York, NY. Cir. 1928, Introduction
  Letter Carriers leaving the Farley Post Office Building, New York, NY. Cir. 1928
Introduction Sports Music Good Deeds Retirement

Written by Holly Wiencek

Postal workers have had a long history of involvement in group activities outside of work hours, whether it is through sports teams, musical groups, or even in retirement. This project endeavored to begin compiling an account of what organizations have, and still do, exist, and why. This is by no means an exhaustive look at the postal worker community; but instead contains mentions of different organizations that were found throughout research completed during the summer of 2010.   

The museum encourages postal employees to enjoy these pages and to add to this record and expand the community even further.* The employees we contacted for this project cited many reasons for participation, such as facilitating union solidarity, exploring common interests, and reaching out to the greater community. However the reasons most often cited were the pure enjoyment of other postal employees’ company and the fun of engaging in these various activities as a group.

*Contact Nancy Pope, Curator, with information concerning additional organizations. The museum is especially interested in historical groups and activities.

Introduction Sports
Ice Hockey
Aero Club
Boston Marathon
Letter Carriers’ Bands
Singing Groups
Good Deeds
Blood Banks
Fashion Show
Soup Kitchens
Pueblo Bikers United
Litter Control

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