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The National Postal Museum is pleased to present a selection of extraordinary materials from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's personal philatelic holdings. The Royal Philatelic Collection includes the world's finest and most comprehensive collection of British and Commonwealth stamps.

This exhibit was on view at the National Postal Museum from April 6, 2004 — January 11, 2005. Although the exhibit is no longer available for viewing in the museum, it can still be accessed online.

red stamp album

Introduction: A Magnificent Collection

The Royal Philatelic Collection was begun in the late 1800s by the Duke of York, who became King George V in 1910. The future King was helped at first by his uncle, Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, and soon became...

Watercolor sketch created in February 1840 to show how the first stamps would look in their chosen colors.

Postal Reforms

By the 1830s, railways were beginning to spread across the British countryside as factories continued to grow and expand around many cities. Overseas, the nation's commercial interests were thriving. But the Post Office...

Two Pence 1847 Mauritius


Many rarities were added to the Royal Philatelic Collection by its founder, King George V, the "Collector King," and a cross section of these marvels is included in the exhibition. King George V was an enthusiastic and astute...

Original sketch of 1953 Coronation stamp

Stamps to Mark a Coronation

Queen Elizabeth II became Queen on February 6, 1952, on the death of her father. Her Coronation was held more than a year later, on June 2, 1953. Among the many events marking the occasion was the issuance of a special...

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