An Exploration of Mail-order Brides in America

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Caly McCarthy created the online article Go West, Young Woman! during her 2016 summer internship in the Curatorial Department of the National Postal Museum. She is a student of history, and environmental studies at Dickinson College. Her research interests include environmental history, epistemology, and women’s history (with special attention to contextualizing social norms).


This bibliography is organized by topic. Some of the contents of the entries are exclusively about mail-order brides, and others had only a page or two of relevant information. Regardless, such works have been placed under the category that their page or two contributed towards.

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Domestic Mail-Order Brides: Newspaper Clippings, and Letters

Picture Brides: Books, and Articles

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Picture Brides: Newspaper Clippings

Westward Expansion

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Institution of Marriage

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