Postal Employees After Hours

Research Article
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Letter Carriers leaving the Farley Post Office Building, New York, NY. Cir. 1928

By Holly Wiencek

Postal workers have had a long history of involvement in group activities outside of work hours, whether it is through sports teams, musical groups, or even in retirement. This project endeavored to begin compiling an account of what organizations have, and still do, exist, and why. This is by no means an exhaustive look at the postal worker community; but instead contains mentions of different organizations that were found throughout research completed during the summer of 2010.

The employees we contacted for this project cited many reasons for participation, such as facilitating union solidarity, exploring common interests, and reaching out to the greater community. However the reasons most often cited were the pure enjoyment of other postal employees’ company and the fun of engaging in these various activities as a group.

Magazine article about a bowling team

Postal workers have had a long tradition of participation in sports teams.

Spiritual Harmonizers pose for a photo

Music has been present in the postal employee community from the time employee groups began to organize.

Part of a quilt designed and sewn by members from all of the post offices on Cape Code.

Postal workers have found volunteering and charity work and other leisure activities to be integral ways of both becoming a part of their larger community as well as a way of creating a stronger bond within the postal community through shared investment in time.

Retirement homes at NALCREST

NALCREST is a unique retirement community designated specifically for retired National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) members and their spouses.