A New Market

The pride the rural mailman had in his job was often reflected in his equipment as well as the tribulations he endured.
–Wayne E. Fuller, RFD: The Changing Face of Rural America

Rural Free Delivery carrier
Rural Free Delivery carriers were expected to keep the mail moving to their patrons through the year, regardless of weather. As technology developed, so did the carriers’ transportation options.

As the United States began to unlock the barrier between rural America and the rest of the world, many companies recognized the opportunity to expand their market to a new consumer base comprised of rural mail carriers. From the beginning of Rural Free Delivery, the duty of acquiring mail carrying equipment fell on the carriers themselves. Companies used R.F.D. News and other mail-related publications as outlets for advertisements aimed towards the rural mail carriers’ need for equipment. From uniforms to transportation, and everything in between, the mail carriers were required to purchase everything they needed to deliver the mail. Large companies and small household businesses tried to take advantage of the new audience, but as RFD progressed, many of them would not last though the rigorous competition and fast-paced evolution of this new market.