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Eliot A. Landau: Lincoln, Slavery, and the Civil War

The Seventh Annual Maynard Sundman Lecture
March 7, 2009

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Eliot Landau’s award-winning philatelic exhibition Lincoln, Slavery, and the Civil War was on display at the Postal Museum. Landau’s exhibition combined philately, ephemera, and artifacts in an engaging exploration of Lincoln’s presidency, the Civil War, and Black History.  Mr. Landau spoke about the exhibit. A reception followed.

Eliot A. Landau is an attorney in Downers Grove, Illinois, an accredited APS national philatelic chief judge and frequent Lincoln stamp exhibitor and lecturer. He was a civil rights worker for voter registration in Mississippi and desegregation efforts in North Carolina and Illinois and served as a law clerk to Justice Thurgood Marshall. A law professor for 11 years, he taught the nation's first course on Law and Discrimination. He is the co-author and chief editor of Linn’s US Stamp Facts: Nineteenth Century, wrote chapters in the Encyclopedia of US Stamps and Stamp Collecting and many articles on Lincoln philately. He is a former president of the Chicago Philatelic Society and former chair of the CHICAGOPEX show.