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Symposium Papers

November 3-4, 2006
Smithsonian National Postal Museum
Washington, D.C. 

Click hyperlinks below to view abstracts, papers and presentations. More papers will be added in the upcoming weeks.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Allen Kane, Director, Smithsonian National Postal Museum
Dave E. Failor, Manager, Stamp Services, United States Postal Service
Ned Rifkin, Undersecretary for Art, Smithsonian Institution

The Honorable Paul Carlin [Paper] , Master of Ceremonies, former Postmaster General of the United States
The Honorable John Potter, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer
Winton M. Blount Award of Excellence to Murray B. Comarow [Paper]

Opening plenary panel “What Is Postal History?”
Peter C. Mastrangelo, Executive Director, American Philatelic Society / American Philatelic Research Library
Philatelic Perspective [Paper], Michael Laurence, Executive Director, Philatelic Foundation
Academic Perspective, Richard R. John, Professor of History, University of Illinois at Chicago
Museum Perspective [Paper], John Willis, Historian, Canadian Postal Museum
Business Perspective [Paper], Maynard H. Benjamin, President and CEO, Envelope Manufacturers Association

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Two Concurrent Panels

Panel 1 
Postage Stamps, Progress, and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Michael Laurence, Philatelic Foundation, Chair

"Postage and Progressivism: Political Ideology and the Start of Postage Stamp Production at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, 1893-1894" [Paper]
Frank Noll, Historical Resource Center, Bureau of Engraving and Printing

"Images of Past Futures: World’s Fairs, Postage Stamps, and the Impact of Modernism" [Paper
Pam Overmann, Historical Resource Center, Bureau of Engraving and Printing

"Facing the Challenges of Change: Modernizing Postage Stamp Production at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in the 1950s" [Paper
Cecilia Wertheimer, Historical Resource Center, Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Panel 2 
Consumers, Recreation, and the Post
John Willis, Canadian Postal Museum, Chair

"Petunias by Post: The Post Office and America's Nineteenth-Century Horticultural Boom" [Paper]
Cheryl Lyon-Jenness, Western Michigan University

"'Smith v. Hitchcock' (1912) and the Death of the Dime Novel" [Paper
Ryan K. Anderson, Purdue University

"'Little Colored Bits of Paper' Collected in the Progressive Era" [Paper
Sheila A. Brennan, George Mason University


Two Concurrent Panels

Panel 3
Defining the Public Role of the Post Office
Megaera M. Ausman, United States Postal Service, Chair

"Seeds, Books, and Letters: The Categorization of Information in the 1874 Postal Debates"
Gwynne K. Langley, University of Illinois at Chicago

"The National Alliance of Postal Employees and the Beloved Community"
Julie M. Boddy, Library of Congress

"The Conflict about Preserving Small Rural Post Offices" [Paper] [Presentation
Robert Cohen, Postal Rate Commission (retired)

Panel 4
Expanding Venues, Markets, and Technologies
Maynard H. Benjamin, Envelope Manufacturers Association, Chair

"The Postal History of 19th Century Washington, D.C., Hotels"
Peter Martin, American Philatelic Society

"United States Airmail Rates, Routes, and Regulations to Africa, Asia, and Australia"
Murray A. Abramson, The Collectors Club (NY)

"Radio by Mail: Intersecting Network Forms in the History of Sound-On-Disc Transcriptions" [Presentation
Alexander Russo, The Catholic University of America


Two Concurrent Panels

Panel 5
The Mails in Times of War
Virginia L. Horn, American Philatelic Research Library, Chair

"The Hazards of Military and Civilian Communications in Revolutionary America"
Konstantin Dierks, Indiana University

"The Medium is the Message: Union Civil War Patriotic Envelopes and their Impact, 1861-1865" [Paper
Steven R. Boyd, University of Texas at San Antonio

"What Can Philatelic Censuses Reveal about the Operation of Postal Systems in Wartime?" [Paper]
John Kevin Doyle, Benedictine University

Panel 6
Creating a National Post
Richard R. John, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chair

"The ‘Parliamentary Post’ and King William’s War"
Daniel A. Piazza, Syracuse University

"Heinrich von Stephan and the Unification of the German Postal System" [Paper
Stephen Economides, Berlin University of Applied Sciences

"'Large and Difficult Problems': The War Hero and the Rural Free Delivery He Made Possible" [Paper] [Presentation
Robert G. Cullen, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials


Panel 7
The Gold Mine of Official Register Data
Introduction [Paper | Handout]
Diane DeBlois, Ephemera Society, Chair

"Providing Access" [Presentation
Michael O’Reilly, American Philatelic Society

"Local Sources of Postal Revenue" [Paper]
Robert Dalton Harris, Postal History Society

"Statistical Analysis of Postmaster Compensation" [Paper]
Terrence Hines, Pace University

"Vital Information for Economists, Political Scientists, and Sociologists" [Paper
Thomas Velk, McGill University


Final remarks
Cheryl R. Ganz and Allison Marsh, Smithsonian National Postal Museum
David Straight, American Philatelic Society / American Philatelic Research Library