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Two Concurrent Panels: 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Session 1A

"e-Archipelago: Socio-Political History of the Internet in Indonesia"
Merlyna Lim, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

"The Internet: On its International Origins and Collaborative Vision"
Ronda Hauben, Journalist

"'The Computer as a Communications Device': Looking back almost 40 years later"
Jay Hauben, Library Systems Office, Columbia University
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"The Victorian ‘Local Area Network'"
Trudy E. Bell, Science Journalist

Session 1B
Communication Technologies from Cradle to Grave

"Toward a History of New Media: Novelty"
Benjamin Peters, Doctoral Student, Columbia University

"Tesla, Marconi, and the Race to Develop Wireless Telegraphy, 1890-1905"
W. Bernard Carlson, Professor, University of Virginia

"Who Rang the Changes? User Creativity vs. Intellectual Property in Early Telephonic Imaginings"
Graeme Gooday, Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds

"Where do Communications Technologies Go To Die?"
Jonathan Coopersmith, Texas A&M University

Two Concurrent Panels: 1:15 pm – 3:15 pm

Session 2A

"Experiments in Radio Telephony in the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force during the First World War"
Elizabeth Bruton, Museum of the History of Science, Oxford

"Forgotten Pioneers of FM: Eugene F. McDonald, Jr. and Zenith Radio Corporation"
Harold N. Cones

"Improving the Noise Performance of Communication Systems: 1920s to early 1930s"
Mischa Schwartz, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University
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"‘Cross-talking’: Signal and Noise in the History of Greek telecommunications"
Aristotle Tympas, Mihalis Tsarapatsanis, and Sotiris Vernardos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and National Technical University of Athens

Session 2B
Technologies, Technologists, and Networks

"The ‘Araldo Telefonico'. Origins, Structures and Models of the Italian Broadcasting"
Gabriele Balbi, Doctoral Student, University of Lugano

"British Imperial Postal Networks, 1815-1914"
Daniel R. Headrick, Roosevelt University

"‘I have in mind. . . ’ David Sarnoff, RCA, and the Arc of the American Century"
Alexander B. Magoun, David Sarnoff Library

"Re-touching the Void: The Airbrush in Photographic History"
Gina Giotta, Doctoral Student, University of Iowa



Two Concurrent Panels: 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Session 3A
Space and Communication

"Negotiating a Worldwide Space Communications Network: NASA’s Discussions with the Australian and South African Governments for the Establishment of Overseas Deep Space Instrumentation Facilities, 1958-1960"
Craig B. Waff, Staff Historian, Air Force Research Laboratory

"Sputnik and Satellite Communications"
David J. Whalen, University of North Dakota, JDOSAS, Space Studies Department

"Live from the (Project) Apollo: Technology’s Influence on How CBS Reported the Moon Story"
Kathy Keltner, Lecturer, Vanderbilt University

Session 3B
Technologies and their Users

"Representations of the Electric Telegraph in The Popular Press and Literature"
Heidi Gautshi, Doctoral Student, University Paris X-Nanterre

"The Public Service Ethic in Early Ham Radio"
Duncan Fisher, Lecturer, Telford College

"IT and Public Record Management in the United States: From Hierarchical Control to Decentralized Empowerment"
Umaru Bah, Morgan State University

Final remarks: 5:00 pm 
Allison Marsh, Smithsonian National Postal Museum