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Papers and Presentations

2010 Winton M. Blount Postal History Symposium

Thursday, September 30, 2010

John Hotchner

The US CSAC - its history, functions and operation

Steven J. Rod

"The Case of Thirty-five Esthetic and Political Messages: the Famous Americans of 1940" [presentation]

Sheila Brennan

"Remembering the Past, Shaping the Present with Commemoratives" [paper|presentation]

Steven R. Boyd

"Official Needs, Post Civil War Nationalism and the Designs of United States Stamps in the Ninteenth Century" [paper|presentation]

Tessa Sabol

"The Trans-Mississippi Exposition Commemorative Stamp Issue and National Identity at the Turn of the Twentieth Century" [paper|presentation]

Art Groten

"The Levant Fairs of Mandate Palestine: a Semiotic Evaluation" [paper|presentation]

Richard Maisel

"The Transformation of British West Indian Postage Stamp Designs 1860-1970" [paper|presentation]

Jack Trammell

"Postage Stamps as Cultural Markers" [paper|presentation]

Mónica Farkas

"Issuance Policies and Nation Projects: iconography and imaginary in postage stamps of the Argentine Provinces and Confederacy" [paper]

William Moskoff

"Soviet Postal Material and State Propaganda, 1928-1945" [paper|presentation]

Alexander Kolchinsky

"Stalin on Stamps: Design, Propaganda, Politics" [paper|presentation text|presentation]

Robin Elliott

"Stamp Design in Post Communist Eastern Europe and the Successor States to the Soviet Union" [paper|presentation]

Robert Odenweller

"New Zealand Presents Itself to the World through Postage Stamps" [paper]

Professor Jack Child

Keynote Speaker
"Stamps of the American Quadrant of Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands" [paper|presentation]

Friday, October 1, 2010

Diane DeBlois, Robert Dalton Harris, and Sune Christian Pedersen

"Hermes: Message and Messenger" [paper | presentation]

Janus Clausen

"'The postage stamp needs to be an all-country stamp…' -Danish Postage Stamps and National Identity, 1940-1945" [paper | presentation]

Daniel Piazza

"Stamps as Icons/Icons as Stamps: The Case of Vatican City’s Cold War Philatelic Propaganda"[presentation]

Catherine Golden

"You Need to Get Your Head Examined: An Analysis of the Unchanging Portrait of Queen Victoria on Nineteenth-Century British Postage Stamps" [paper | presentation]

Roger Brody

"National Identity - the Stamps of Series 1902" [paper | presentation]

Andrew Oleksiuk

"Contemporary Cultural Attitudes in Ukraine: Using Postal History, Marcophily, and Philately as a Gateway to Historiography and Cultural Memory" [presentation]

Harry Charles

"The Statue of Liberty: Icon of Freedom and Hope!" [paper|presentation]

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