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American Indians in the Postal Service and Philately

Art of the American Indian postage stamps
 Art of the American Indian postage stamps

The National Postal Museum celebrates American Indian history by providing online resources about the role of American Indians in the postal service and philately.

Two Eagle Dancers mural

Indians at the Post Office: Native Themes in New Deal-Era Murals

There is much to be discerned about these post office murals from the 1930s and 1940s, and what they can tell us about the way we see, and have seen, the world.

Will Rogers postage stamp

The American Indian in Stamps

American Indian political, economic and cultural life, founded in ancient tradition and tested by wars and removals, has proven its endurance into the 21st century. Keys to this extraordinary resilience are found in the wisdom and bravery of its historic leaders, the ability of individuals to rise to the mainstream spotlight in the non-Native world, and the continuum of exceptional creativity in the arts. The qualities of contemporary Native leaders and artists are founded in the heritage of their historic predecessors. This virtual exhibit has three major sections, Profiles in Leadership, American Indian Lifeways: Restoring Economies, and American Indian Arts: Renaissance of Traditions.