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29c Elvis single (January 8, 1993)

Find resources related to music on the National Postal Museum's websites.

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The New Zealand stamps Lennon obtained through correspondence with relatives.

John Lennon: The Lost Album 

John Lennon, along with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr achieved superstardom as the rock and roll band, The Beatles. But before Lennon travelled the globe playing music with The Beatles, this boy from Liverpool, England saw the world in a whole different way – through stamps.

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Owney, Mascot of the Railway Mail Service

The Owney Song 

Enjoy a musical telling of the Owney Story, sung by American country singer, songwriter and actor Trace Adkins and written by Stephen Michael Schwartz.

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Merengue stamp art

New York City: A Portrait Through Stamp Art 

New York City is a vibrant hub for music, film, dance and visual art. The city’s cultural and ethnic diversity has long influenced its music and dance heritage, with jazz, rock, hip-hop, salsa, and other styles thriving in all five boroughs. New York City is also home to many musical conservatories and landmarks, such as the Metropolitan Opera House and Carnegie Hall.

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32c Jazz Flourishes stamp (May 28, 1998)

African Americans in Jazz, Poetry and Beyond - The Black Experience on Stamps 

Since the founding of the United States, African Americans have played a pivotal role in American history and heritage. This exhibit showcases African Americans in music, poetry, film, theatre, choreography, and writers in the United States through the lens of American postage stamps.

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37c Roy Acuff Stamps, 2003

Country Music Icons: Immortalized and Celebrated in Stamps 

In honor of National U.S. Postage Stamp Day, the National Postal Museum is pleased to welcome guest blogger René Rodgers, Curator of Exhibits and Publications at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum.

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37c Roy Acuff Stamps, 2003

U.S. Postage and the Beatles: The 1999 Stamp, the 2003 Proofs and Future Expectations 

Blog post by Calvin Mitchell, National Postal Museum Research Associate

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Some of the Spiritual Harmonizers give an impromptu performance.

Postal Employees After Hours: Music 

Written by intern Holly Wiencek, this article is about the history of Postal workers involved in group activities outside of work hours, whether it is through sports teams, musical groups, or even in retirement.

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1959 First day cover, Vienna Philharmonic (Volume 1, page 19)

Haywood Music Collection

The Haywood Music Collection is a broad compilation of thematically organized stamps, covers, commemorative sheets, and more philatelic objects. Themes presented in the collection include composers, performers, musical instruments, festivals, and music industry.

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1947 Souvenir Sheet with Polish Cultural Heros

Jascha Heifetz Specialized Collection of Music on Stamps

This is a collection compiled from several albums, organized alphabetically by country with the broad theme of music. Commemorative issues, souvenir proofs and stamps ranging from singles to blocks of twenty are included from 1930-1970s.

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“The Letter Carriers March and Two Step” sheet music, 1926

Singing a Postal Song

You might know the lyrics to “Please, Please Mr. Postman,” or “Return to Sender,” but how about “My Parcel Post Man” or “The Old Postmaster?” Folks have been writing songs about their mail, and what it brings (or doesn’t) for more than 100 years. Over the years the museum has compiled a listing of more than 300 mail-themed American songs. The earliest we found was “Mail Line Packet,” copyrighted in 1857 by P.P. Werlein & Company. Between then and now, hundreds of songwriters have weaved musical tales of love letters and sad letters, and a wide world of postal dramas.

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33c Woodstock stamp

In Memoriam....Jimi Hendrix dies September 18, 1970

On September 18, 1970, legendary musician Jimi Hendrix died. In celebration of Hendrix's life and music, the National Postal Museum has created this mini-exhibit highlighting different postage stamps with connections to Jimi Hendrix and the era in American history that he helped shape.