RFD: Marketing to a Rural Audience

Miscellaneous: Scales

Ashman Heater Company
New Paris, Ohio

Ahsman Heater Company scale advertisement
Ahsman Heater Company scale advertisement

Although, as the company name states, heaters were Ashman’s primary product, they produced this scale for postal customers’ use. In the years before parcel post and “collect-on-delivery” or COD services, the company offered to mail the scale to customers and receive the $1.00 price after sending the product.

Sturgis Mfg Co
Baltimore, MD

Dixie postal scale ad

Sturgis Manufacturing Company was a small company that operated in Baltimore, Maryland in the early 20th century. The company produced “the Dixie,” a postal scale that one advertisement called “one of the simplest, cheapest and most convenient devices ever invented for weighing mail matter.” The scale sold for 25-cents and was made in satin finish aluminum.