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Famous Stamp Collectors

Since the issuance of the Penny Black, the first pre-paid postage stamp in 1840, people have collected stamps. The focus and levels at which they collect differ, but, nonetheless, all share the world’s most popular hobby. Through stamps, schoolchildren, businesspersons, laborers, artists, and retired persons all enjoy something significant in common with royalty, entertainers, politicians, industrialists, and business giants.

Stamp collecting has been called the “hobby of kings” because so many famous individuals have been avid collectors. Use the links provided here as gateways to the private stamp collecting interests of these illustrious individuals.

Presidents, Royalty, Heads of State

a red album with a gold crest

King George V, Great Britain

an illustration of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, Great Britain

an Egyptian stamp with a man on a bicycle

King Farouk I, Egypt

a Smithsonian gold seal

Prince Rainier III, Monaco

a photo of Franklin Roosevelt with a magnifying glass

Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. President

Political and Government Leaders

a photo of Ernest Ackerman

Ernest A. Ackerman, Congressman 

a photo of James Farley with a background of envelopes

James Farley, U.S. Postmaster General 

a light green press sheet

Harold Ickes, Secretary of the Interior

Business Leaders

photo of William Gross

William H. Gross, Founder, PIMCO

photo of John Heinmuller

John P.V. Heinmuller, President, Longines-Wittnauer Watch Co. 


caricature of Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin, Actor 

black and green stylized image of John Lennon

John Lennon, Musician 


a 33 cent stamp with an illustration of Ayn Rand's face with buildings

Ayn Rand, Novelist 


photo of Amelia Earhart with aviator goggles

Amelia Earhart, Aviatrix

Other Prominent Persons

photo of Simon Wiesenthal

Simon Wiesenthal, Hunter of Nazi War Criminals