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Stamp collecting

The Museum celebrates the beauty and lore of stamps. A stamp is much more than the physical evidence that postage has been paid. Stamps can be miniature works of art, treasured keepsakes, and rare collectibles.

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Stamp Collecting Highlights

a collage of colorful stamps

Stamp Collecting Resources

Stamp collecting resources on the National Postal Museum's websites.

A collage of seven stamps from different countries

A Stamp for Every Country

Download the PDF and start a collection of almost 800 stamps—one from every country in the world that has produced stamps.

a scrapbook with two pages of colorful stamps

Famous Stamp Collectors

Learn why so many famous individuals have been avid stamp collectors.

Collecting Ancestral Homelands- a blue map of the world with stamps overlaid

Why should you collect stamps of your ancestral homeland?

Introduction to Stamp Collecting

Simple things to remember when collecting stamps.

Complete Collection of U.S. Postage Stamps

The Museum’s online database puts the museum’s collection at your fingertips.


The Preservation Department focuses on the preservation of the Museum’s collection.

Preservation Resources

Preservation resources compiled by the Museum’s Preservation Staff.