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Systems at Work
About the Exhibit

Exhibit Team

The museum wishes to thank all of those who worked for so long to make Systems at Work a reality.

The Systems at Work exhibit team:

  • Amy Borntrager, NPM, Development Officer
  • Pat Burke, NPM, Director of Exhibits
  • Eric S. Chapman, Exhibit Specialist
  • Robert Curry, Siemens
  • Diane DeBlois
  • Eric Dibble, Lockheed Martin
  • Kathryn Dorin, NPM, Special Events
  • Linda Edquist, NPM, Conservator
  • Marty Emery, NPM, Manager, Internet Affairs
  • Kari Fantasia, NPM, Development Officer
  • Robert Dalton Harris
  • Lynn Heidelbaugh, NPM, Assistant Curator
  • Bob Huff, Lockheed
  • Peter Jacobson, NGI-Solutions
  • Dr. Richard John, Columbia University
  • Jay Kaplan, ICF International
  • Robert Laybourn, Northrup Grumman
  • Bill Lommel, NPM, Web Designer
  • Steve Luscinski, Carter Controls
  • David Maier, Motorola
  • Allison Marsh, NPM, Assistant Curator
  • Meradyth Moore, NPM, Public Relations
  • April Parreco, NPM, Special Events
  • Nancy Pope, NPM, Curator
  • Gloria Rasmussen, NPM, Education Department
  • Frank Scheer, Railway Mail Service Library
  • Beth Schorr, NPM, Collections Manager
  • Ed Siskin
  • David Straight
  • Tad Suiter, NPM, Assistant Curator
  • Roxanne Symko Smith, NPM, Program Manager
  • Jennifer Waites, Siemens
  • Allison Wickens, NPM, Head of Education
  • Bill Withuhn, Curator Emeritus, National Museum of American History
  • Tassie Zahner, NPM, Assistant Curator
  • Beth Ziebarth, Accessibility Coordinator, Smithsonian Institution Accessibility Program

The Smithsonian National Postal Museum would like to thank the following for their assistance:

U.S. Postal Service

  • Tom Addams
  • Earl Arrington
  • Fred Hintenach
  • Warren Litchfield
  • Pritha Mehra
  • Nicholas Sucich
  • Matt Zappile


  • Mike Heaton
  • Lynn Robbins
  • Barbara Trower


  • Boston Productions, Inc.
  • Capitol Exhibit Services, Inc.
  • Don Aros
  • Haley Sharp Design
  • Ian Pullens
  • Jim Ball
  • Matthew Baker
  • Matthew Gottshalk
  • Matthew Nagy
  • Mike Mills
  • Robert Selim
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