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Carrier Sequence Barcode Sorter (CSBCS)
Carrier Sequence Barcode Sorter (“CSBCS”)

The challenges facing the Postal Service in the decades ahead may be more daunting than those of the past. Over the last two centuries, the Postal Service expanded across the continent and developed technologies to process hundreds of billions of pieces of mail in a year.

The biggest challenges of the Postal Service’s third century of operations are online and wireless communications systems. Postage for letters, bills, and other first-class mail has long been a vital source of revenue for the postal system. But as more people have turned to email, texting, and paying bills online, the volume of first-class mail has declined. And even as mail volume has declined, the number of addresses receiving mail continues to grow.

These are among the challenges facing the Postal Service as it works to continue to fulfill its mission of providing mail service to the nation.

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Mail trucks at a bulk mail center
Mail trucks at a bulk mail center
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