The 18th Maynard Sundman Lecture

December 7, 2021

The Origins, Birth and International Reach of the Postage Stamp through 1847

About James L. Grimwood-Taylor, M. A., R. D. P.

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James L. Grimwood-Taylor

James Grimwood-Taylor began collecting stamps at the age of three and, as a teenager, developed an interest in prestamp covers and why certain countries introduced stamps earlier than others. After graduating from university, he began his first job in philately in the Postal History Department of a renowned London dealership. After almost ten years with that same London firm, he decided to become an auctioneer; in 1988 he took over and became the principal postal history describer at Cavendish Philatelic Auctions in Derby, his hometown. He sold the firm in 2017 and now works one day a week doing valuations of postal history. During this long philatelic career, he has developed postal history expertise in most areas of the world.

He is a member of numerous British and overseas societies, including the Collectors’ Club of New York and the Postal History Societies (US & UK). He is past President of the Great Britain Philatelic Society and the Society of Postal Historians and he joined the Royal Philatelic Society London when professional philatelists were first admitted in 2005. He was elected a Fellow in 2008 and chosen in 2020 to sign the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists.

Grimwood-Taylor has been an accredited national judge since the 1980s and is a renowned international exhibitor with 5 International Gold Medals, including an International Large Gold medal won at ‘New York 2016’ for his “Postal Reforms” exhibit. He has authored over 200 research articles, three books and a novel. His two-volume International Postal Reforms won the 2021 Great Britain Philatelic Society President’s Prize and the Crawford Medal from the Royal Philatelic Society London for the most valuable and original contribution to the study and knowledge of philately published in book form.

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Two-volume “International Postal Reforms”

He is currently working on a new 500-page display to be presented soon to the Royal Philatelic Society in London (entitled “The Postal History of the World, c.3000BC to 1940 AD” and covering 125 countries from Afghanistan to Zululand), as well as censuses of the earliest letters from various countries in private hands.

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