Exploring Cuba's History Through Postage Stamps


This collections-based project has been co-curated by Dr. Rafael Peñalver (President, San Carlos Institute) and Dr. Paul Michael Taylor (Research Anthropologist and Curator, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution). The project, at the Smithsonian, was under the direction of Dr. Miguel Bretos (former Acting Director, National Postal Museum). Project web exhibitions have been developed under guidelines established by Nancy Pope (Museum Program Specialist, National Postal Museum) and continued under the direction of Allen Kane (Former Director of the National Postal Museum).

The virtual exhibition Exploring Cuba’s Postal History, 1830-1939 was prepared by Joseph Geraci, Curator, National Postal Museum, Smithsonian Institution. Lead web designer: David Pomarède. Digital photography/scanning of Pichs collection images by David Pomarède. Additional curatorial selection, consultation, and editing by Paul Michael Taylor and Ernesto Cuesta; Web development assisted by Randy Scott Tims and Robert Y. Chang. Additional thanks to Yamil H. Kouri, Jr., M.D., editor of “The Cuban Philatelist” for reviewing the original manuscript and providing additional information. For independently reviewing the exhibition and for many helpful suggestions, we thank Mr. Ernesto Cuesta. Both Dr. Kouri and Mr. Cuesta are Members of the Board of Directors of the Cuban Philatelic Society of America [CPSA] and Members of the Editorial Board of CPSA Publications.

The virtual exhibition Cuba’s Commercial Aviation History and the Pichs Collection was prepared by Ronald E.G. Davies, Aviation Historian, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution. Additional curatorial selection, consultation, and editing by Paul Michael Taylor, Rafael Peñalver, and Miguel Bretos. Web development: Christian Panas. Photography by Donald Hurlbert, Office of Imaging and Photographic Services, Smithsonian Institution; web development assisted by Randy Scott Tims, Stephen C. Miller and Robert Y. Chang; document preparation and licensing assistance by Sherylle Mills, Office of General Counsel, Smithsonian Institution. Special thanks to: Margaret Pulles-Machado.

Original Web design: Neda Juraydini.

The organizers thank Spottswood Companies, Inc. (Key West, Florida) for assistance with the exhibition’s inaugural events.