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Hometowns Honor Their Returning Veterans stamp, 1995

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Honoring Our World War II Heroes Whose Heroism Went Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

This past Veterans Day, November 11, 2013, the United States Postal Service in conjunction with the Friends of the National World War II Memorial held a first day ceremony to dedicate the two set World WAR II Medal of Honor (MOH) Stamp. The ceremony was held at the World War II Memorial and was accorded a full military dedication under a beautiful sky and cool temperatures.

The Heat of Battle - German Soldiers Mail In World War II

During World War II, letters were the primary way that soldiers in all the Armies involved in the conflict communicated with each other and with loved ones back home. The German Army, especially, had a very large and complex mail system to serve the many soldiers fighting in Russia. It was a way to keep in touch, an escape from the bitter fighting and something to do in their spare time. As a result, a lot of mail was sent.

Writing Home: One Couple’s Letters from the Civil War

“My Love, Once more I am going to try to write to you under difficulties as usual.”

Upcoming Exhibition: “Mail Call” Opening Autumn 2011

Mail call is a moment where the frontline and home front connect. “Mail Call” is also the title and topic of an exhibition opening at the National Postal Museum in autumn 2011.