Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse made his debut on November 18, 1928, in a short called "Steamboat Willie," which was the first cartoon released with synchronized sound. With help from his pals, good-natured Goofy and the temperamental Donald Duck, clever little Mickey quickly became an American icon. The animated companions shared countless exploits, traveling zanily across America, around the world, and even into outer space. Their loyalty is legendary, and their adventures still delight audiences after 75 years.

Close Up: This Mickey was tricky – each of the other Art of Disney stamps shows only two characters. Illustrator Peter Emmerich found it a fun challenge to fit Mickey, Donald, and Goofy onto one stamp. The project's consultant suggested, "Imagine them in a photo booth!" To make sure his paintings will read well at stamp size, Emmerich scans his art into the computer and reduces it. He also likes to squint at his work from across the room.
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