Meriwether Lewis
Meriwether Lewis
Meriwether Lewis {1774-1809} was a 26-year-old Army veteran of the western frontier when President Thomas Jefferson brought him to Washington in 1801 to serve as his personal secretary. During his time with Jefferson, Lewis learned more about the President's wide-ranging interests, especially his curiosity about the West. When Jefferson was ready to launch an expedition to the Pacific Ocean, he chose Lewis to lead it. Lewis studied and conducted research for 2 years at the University of Pennsylvania to prepare for the incredible journey ahead.

Close Up: For his portraits of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, artist Michael Deas created fresh paintings in the style of the early 19th century. He used period portraits of Lewis and Clark for reference. Military records were consulted to see how long the explorers' hair would have been. You can see Lewis and Clark "in action" in Deas' painting commemorating the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial.
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