Roberto Clemente
Roberto Clemente
A proud native of Puerto Rico, Roberto Clemente {1934-1972} was a right-handed outfielder admired for his superb hitting and rifle-like arm, as well as his philanthropic spirit. He helped the Pittsburgh Pirates win the 1960 and 1971 World Championships, and in 1973 he became the first Hispanic elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Today Roberto Clemente Sports City - a nonprofit complex located in Carolina, Puerto Rico - offers recreational and educational programs to young people of all backgrounds.

Close Up: This is one of 20 portraits that illustrator Joseph Saffold painted for the Legends of Baseball pane. The stamps, created from Saffold's original paintings, look like vintage baseball trading cards, with black name bands and rounded corners. You can read more about Saffold's artwork on the Sports Gallery Page.
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