History & Exploration
The events, inventions, and people honored is this gallery may not be household words or even familiar faces. Some of them were not successful at first, but they all eventually changed the way we live. By blazing trails across the globe and beyond, they have added to our understanding of the world around us – from things we cannot see, such as microscopic organisms and electrical currents, to places where most of us will never go, like the moon and outer space.

Many stamps commemorate people and events years, decades, or even centuries, after the fact. The stamps will remain permanently valid not only as postage, but also as a record of some aspect of life in America. Because all stamp art needs to be historically accurate, the artists consult with experts and cross-check their work with extensive reference materials such as photographs, maps, diaries and journals, and other print sources. When you look at Michael Deas' three paintings in this gallery (Lewis & Clark Bicentennial and portraits of the expedition's two namesakes), you can read about the extraordinary research behind them.
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