The authors honored on literature stamps have immortalized American life and the human experience. Their works include many different literary forms and genres, from reportage to poetry, from plays to short stories – as well as novels.

The artists for these stamps have portrayed the literary works and their creators in ways that are just as diverse and evocative. Some stamps integrate additional references or elements of the author's work. Carl Sandburg's portrait includes his signature. Ogden Nash's portrait is enhanced by a background of six of his limericks on the actual stamp. They are a treat to read on the stamp with a magnifying glass.

Many great literary works go on to have an even larger life on the silver screen. In the Arts & Entertainment gallery, you will find three stamps commemorating landmark movies – one based on an epic novel, one based on a children’s book, and one based on a short story. They all tell stories that are quintessentially American.
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