Transportation stamps show Americans on the move, literally and figuratively. From the Model T Ford to the SUV, from delivering the mail to defending the skies – transportation stamps provide a chronicle of our ever-changing world.

The original artworks for transportation stamps are highly-detailed homages to mechanical innovation. Some artists put the conveyance into its "natural habitat," such as a paddlewheel steamer on the Mississippi River or a B-29 Superfortress soaring above the clouds; others present a more formal "portrait," such as the 1935 Duesenberg. Behind the scenes, these subjects generally require extensive research and consultation with experts to confirm myriad technical details.

In the History & Exploration gallery, you will find some pioneers in aviation, including the Wright Brothers and Harriet Quimby. You will also see explorers venturing even farther above the earth, on stamps commemorating the First Man on the Moon and the first American spacewalk.
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