Women on Stamps: Part 4

Women in the Performing Arts
29-cent Bessie Smith stamp

The Bessie Smith stamp was issued on September 17, 1994.

Virtual Exhibit
34-cent Lucille Ball stamp
The Lucille Ball stamp was issued on August 6, 2001.

The Women on Stamps virtual exhibition series highlights prominent women that have been featured on United States postage stamps. In Women on Stamps: Part 4 we focus on women that have made significant contributions to the performing arts.

The Women on Stamps: Part 4 virtual exhibition is divided into two sections. The first section discusses prominent female singers. From gospel music to popular hits, these women have helped shape the musical traditions of America. The second section highlights women that have contributed to the fields of theatre and dance. Whether they are Broadway dancers or iconic movie actresses, these women have had a tremendous influence on the stage and screen.

The United States Postal Service has honored these talented women by featuring them on postage stamps. Through exploring the accomplishments of these exceptional women, we hope to learn more about women’s contributions to the performing arts and American culture.

Created by Lauren Golden, Web Intern, and Christine Mereand, Web Volunteer Coordinator, National Postal Museum.


Esta exhibición virtual es la cuarta de una serie de cuatro centradas en los logros de las mujeres que aparecen en los sellos. En Mujeres en Sellos: Parte 4, presentamos a mujeres que han hecho contribuciones significativas a las artes escénicas.

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