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Museum Highlights

Booker T. Washington stamp

Object Spotlights

Learn more about objects in the museum’s collections. From the tiniest stamps to a full-sized bus, the museum is home to a wide variety of fascinating objects.

Negro Leagues Baseball stamp artwork

Special Themes

Browse these pages to discover resources organized by topic, such as African Americans in the Postal Service and Philately, Airmail Service, or Civil War.

Inverted Jenny stamp


Stamp collecting helps instruct the collector in geography, biography, history, culture and art. Stamps are miniature gateways to the world.

Stagecoach on exhibit in museum

Postal Operations

From small uniform buttons to a massive Highway Post Office bus, objects in the National Postal Museum’s collections chart the history and development of the U.S. postal system.

Six Postal Service employees

Memory Book

Join the National Postal Museum in creating a comprehensive history of America’s post and people.