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The Smithsonian National Postal Museum is filled with treasures that teach and inspire millions of visitors 364 days a year, free of charge. While Federal support is essential to the basic operations of the Museum, only private funds can provide the dependable, creative, and flexible support needed for the Museum to thrive.

Your support enables us build compelling exhibitions, create engaging educational and public programs, achieve the highest standards in conservation, conduct research activities, and maintain a tradition of excellence.

Help today with a tax-deductible gift to the National Postal Museum.

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Call us at 202.633.7900 to make a contribution via credit card. Monday – Friday, 9AM-5PM, Eastern Time.

Make your check payable to the National Postal Museum and send to:

Smithsonian Institution
NPM, SI-3000
PO Box 418320
Boston, MA 02241-8320

*This is a remote deposit location that processes donations for the National Postal Museum.

By Federal Express
National Postal Museum
Attn: External Affairs Department
2 Massachusetts Ave, NE, Room 153
Washington, DC 20212-0022

For More Information
To learn more about supporting the National Postal Museum, please contact the External Affairs Department at 202.633.7900 or

Learn more about the current projects in need of support:

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Fund for Innovation and Excellence

Support the Fund for Innovation and Excellence and provide crucial unrestricted funding to allow the museum to act on new opportunities, plan for the future, and strengthen ongoing programs, initiatives, and collections. These gifts will be used to support new educational programs, build new exhibits, display and preserve the museum’s six million-piece collection, encourage new collectors, and teach American history.

Your gift will allow the museum to improve, expand, and better fulfill its mission across every department.

Learn more about our Fund for Innovation and Excellence »

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Support the Education Department in its mission to create meaningful connections between visitors and the world of stamps and postal history. Postal-themed public programs engage, inspire, and entertain eager learners of all ages. School tours teach valuable skills, challenging students to improve their problem-solving and creative-thinking abilities. Teachers can join the new CollectED community, where they use cutting-edge classroom technology, attend monthly workshops, participate in quarterly challenges to bring museum collections to their classrooms, and receive weekly tips from museum staff. Volunteers support family day celebrations, lead daily museum tours, and provide stamp-printing demonstrations to visitors.

Your gift will allow the museum to expand its program offerings and provide audiences new opportunities at the museum and in classrooms across the country.

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Philatelic Exhibits

Support the Philatelic Exhibits Department and help us continue fulfilling our mission of exhibiting stamp and cover collections that would otherwise be inaccessible, and presenting these materials in a way that is engaging, exciting, and relevant to all our visitors. From June 9, 2016 – March 25, 2018, our visitors have the opportunity to learn about the history of our national parks, as told through the fresh and unique lens of stamps, postal art, and philatelic artifacts. “Trailblazing: 100 Years of Our National Parks” is the fourth rotating exhibit in the historic Postmaster’s Suite, and we look forward to debuting new, exciting, and cutting-edge exhibits in this space moving forward.

Your gift will support upcoming exhibits in the historic Postmaster’s Suite.

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Postal History Exhibits

Support the Postal History Department in its efforts to tell the story of the postal system and how it continues to shape the history of the United States. More than the history of a communication system, it is the story of the development of democracy and the binding together of this great nation. It is the history of the development of communities and commerce across the country. It is the history of transportation systems and individuals, delivery services and connections. It is the history of America, and a crucial piece of our future.

Your gift will allow the museum to preserve remarkable historical treasures and feature new exhibitions, including a new exhibit to commemorate the centennial of America’s military involvement in World War I. This exhibit will feature letters by General John Pershing and Americans in the war.

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Mailing Industry Friends

Support the Mailing Industry project and help tell the story of America’s Mailing Industry: a two-hundred year legacy shared by organizations and individuals working in conjunction with mail delivery in the United States, and around the world.

Learn more about our Mailing Industry Friends »